Providing Opportunities to Employees In Your Agency

As employees at your agency continue growing in their roles, they may develop an interest in finding out what else insurance offers. When opportunities present themselves within the agency, opening those positions up to other staff may be met with resistance by some, but can be an exciting possibility to others who want to explore new roles.  

Here are a few things to consider when deciding how to handle internal moves in your agency:

Create Valuable Opportunities for Employees:

For employees who desire to continue building their insurance career, this is a tremendous growth opportunity. They may enjoy working at the agency but find themselves ready to move on from their current role. They desire to expand on their current skills and may even see a lateral move as a big step.

Opening the position to employees within the agency can mean that you are providing staff with opportunities and keeping them within the organization. It demonstrates that you care about and will invest in their continued success. Failing to open these roles within the agency can mean losing employees who will go elsewhere for new opportunities.

Ensure Employee Understanding of the Process: 

Whether applicants are from within or outside the organization, the agency should have a specified process. Making sure that employees understand the steps required of them throughout the application and interview process is critical. Also, clarifying upfront that there are no automatic guarantees they will get the position is essential. Overlooking or avoiding this detail could leave an employee bitter about the decision if they do not receive the job.  

Communicate with the Current Manager: 

It may be difficult for managers to learn that someone on their team is looking to move on. However, creating an environment that allows open dialogue is critical. When good communication is encouraged, an employee will feel more comfortable having an open conversation with their supervisor. These conversations should allow the employee to explain their plans and why they are interested in another role. It is then up to the supervisor to handle the situation appropriately and encourage their continued success. A negative or adverse response could be discouraging to the employee and undermine their confidence.  If necessary, create a communication protocol that helps facilitate the conversation.  

Create A Transition Plan:

If an employee receives another position in the agency, they will likely be leaving a vacancy in their former department. Rather than leaving the employee to wonder when they will leave one position and start the other, it is vital to have a transition plan. Both the current and hiring manager should work together to decide on an appropriate start date for the employee. The hiring manager will need to make plans to hire a replacement and evaluate workloads.  

If necessary, a plan to temporarily shift the employee’s work will ensure that manager can honor the agreed-upon start date.

Allowing internal moves can present certain challenges but can be a great way to provide valuable employees with desired opportunities. The information above can help agencies to prepare for these transitions.

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