Making the Most of Your 1st Year in Insurance

August 18, 2020

Starting a new job in an insurance agency can create a full range of emotions. It is reasonable to feel like there is a lot to learn and unsure of where to start. And while all of this may feel a little unsettling and intimidating, the good news is that you’ve come to the right industry. Insurance offers a wide variety of options and opportunities for building a long-lasting career.  

While the learning curve in the insurance industry can be significant, the beginning months are a great time to build a foundation for success. Whether you are entering the insurance industry in service or sales, here are some tips you can use to make the most of your first year:

1. Connect – 

Get to know the agency’s inner workings of the agency – Every agency operates a little bit differently from the next. Taking time to understand the structure of the agency you are part of is critical. 

Getting to know the various roles that make up the agency, how each one interacts with your specific job, and how each impacts the organization overall will help you develop a better understanding of how the agency functions. It will also allow you to identify which employees you will be working with the closest. These people are the ones whom you will want to work to establish excellent communication and working relationships with first.  

2. Learn – 

Be a Willing & Active Participant in your Learning. There is a lot to learn when you are just starting in the insurance industry when it comes to coverage and processes. The approach you take in this process will directly impact the outcome. Checking your ego at the door and joining the agency with an open mind, ready and willing to learn, will substantially reduce that curve.

Take advantage of learning opportunities by utilizing any learning resources and tools the agency makes available. As you encounter confusing information, ask questions that will help you gain more clarity and understanding about the work you are doing. Combining all these things demonstrates that you are willing to take ownership of your learning and development.

3. Network – 

Insurance is a relationship-driven industry, no matter which way you look. Taking advantage of opportunities to generate and build on relationships will be a substantial benefit in your first twelve months and beyond. If networking is new to you or outside of your comfort zone, you are not alone, but investing time and energy into developing these skills will be critical to your long-term success. Whether it’s relationships with carriers, clients, or prospects, establishing and nurturing these connections will help you put together each piece of the insurance chain.  

When it comes to carriers, get familiar with their appetite as well as your underwriters and their working styles. A healthy relationship with an underwriter can go a long way when building your book of business. In the same regard, studying industries your agency serves allows you to build expertise in those niches. This effort will put you in a great position to expand on existing relationships with clients and establish new ones within those industries.  

It can feel like there is so much to tackle when beginning a career in insurance. And while it is a big industry with a lot of complexities, using these tools will help you break it down and build a path to success.

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