How to Create Connection in a Socially Distanced World

The precautionary measures enforced as a result of the pandemic impacted every facet of life almost overnight. Between the closure of offices to the public, the dispatching of staff to work from home, and the cancellation of all community events, the way agencies needed to do business changed immediately.

Whether it is adherence to social distancing guidelines, working with clients that are too busy or located a long way from the office, there are still many advantages to learning how to market and build relationships remotely that are beneficial now and will prove to be useful in the future.  

Here are a few ideas every agency can start putting into action now:

Launch a Podcast – It may seem like there are multiple podcasts out there for every topic, but the podcast world continues to thrive. Hosting your own podcast means that you get to choose your guest list, and even though you may be recording from an insurance agency, you don’t use the show to talk about insurance. Instead, a podcast is a great excuse to reach out to your ideal client (whether or not they are currently a client of the agency) and provides a platform to highlight someone you want to do business with, share their story, and build a great relationship along the way. Earning their business down the road is just icing on the cake.

For tips on launching a podcast, check out this article How To Start a Podcast: A Complete Step-By-Step Tutorial

Create Relevant Content – Going silent during uncertain times will cost an agency on both retention and new business.  The people who do business with your agency (and those you hope to do business with) want reassurance that you are still around.  An email blasts with the same message they have seen from every other company they work with will is not the most effective option. Instead, putting time and effort into providing valuable information that is relevant and addresses a need will go a long way in solidifying relationships.  

Here are a few options to consider:

  • Video messages – Video is now the most common way content is consumed and therefore, the best way to reach your clients.  Videos can be housed on your agency website and linked out to a company YouTube channel.  A smartphone or webcam is all that is needed to get started.   
  • An Agency Blog – Blogging remains a great way to reach clients and attract new ones.  A blog can be the perfect way to provide valuable information the recipient can read in 3 minutes or less.  For more on setting up a blog, check out these tips from OutboundEngine Learn How to Start an Insurance Blog in 5 Easy Steps

Taking the time to put together fresh content on a consistent basis serves as an opportunity to reach out to and check in with clients and prospects.  Whatever you choose, get creative and have fun with it!

Don’t Let Service Suffer – Phones may not be ringing as frequently and clients aren’t coming into the office, but the same rules apply when it comes to customer service.  Clients have enough problems they are trying to tackle and balance on a daily basis, getting in touch with their agent shouldn’t be one of them.  

Put technology in place that ensures that agency personnel can continue to provide service without skipping a beat.  Continue to be available through multiple channels whether it’s phone, text, email, or video chat like Zoom.  And even if phone numbers and emails are the same, make sure clients know how to get in touch with agency personnel.  

Get active on Social Media – There is a good chance that your clients are more isolated than ever and looking for a way to connect. According to, the use of social media is up 61% since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. Using Social Media can be a great option to reach out to a broad section of clients daily. 

Whether your agency uses social media channels to promote another local business, inform clients of agency contact procedures, share a message of positivity or even a 5-minute Facebook Live, all these touchpoints encourage client engagement with your agency and remind clients you are still there to support them even in the face of a crisis.

Even as some aspects of life start to somewhat normalize, there is tremendous value in implementing new and creative marketing methods. Utilizing these options will help agencies continue to connect with clients and prospects.

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